In Other Fantabulous News….

Since I have really started working with my dad to lose weight, (i.e. May) my dad has lost almost 20 lbs.

Is 7.8 lbs away from no longer being in the 200s.

AND is no. longer. obese. on the BMI scale.

For being in his late 50s and having metabolism issues because of the Parkinson’s I am freakin’ over the moon about this!

Come live with me and I’ll help you lose weight :)

Oh. And I learned how to do a fishtail braid.

Day. Made.

Wednesday Jul 25 @ 09:56am
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  1. mrsfitwatcher said: GO SARAH GO DAD!!!!
  2. kategoesrunning said: Can I move in? You can bust my ass, cook me healthy food, and braid my hair. In return I will give you a hug everyday and sing your praises on Tumblr. Sounds like a great deal to me!
  3. curvesintheroad said: I hope you have room for Rick and the two cats too cuz we’re moving in!
  4. l-8-10 said: That is amazing! Way to go Sarah’s dad!
  5. robot-boogie said: That’s wonderful!!! Your Dad is lucky to have a smart awesome daughter. :D
  6. maryfreakingsunshine said: Congrats!!!
  7. runwrite said: For your cooking I would come live with you in a heartbeat!
  8. kadidoesthis said: that’s amazing. simply amazing!!!!!!!!
  9. this-is-myjourney said: Omg the same thing is happening with my mom! She isnt weighing herself but she is mucch healthier
  10. smaller-n-smaller posted this


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