When I first started this journey, I set rewards in place as motivation. Once I past the 60 lbs lost mark though I kinda stopped focusing on the rewards.

However. I am now 2.5 lbs away from having lost 100 lbs. and milestones HAVE to be celebrated (my sister told me that. Read an article about it. Any who.)

So. I’ve been trying to think of something worthy of the loss. And not just “I’m gonna buy a pair of jeans that actually fits” (#weightlossproblems)

Since I was 16, I’ve wanted to pierce my nose. But I was an idiot and thought that fat girls couldn’t have piercings or anything else that would draw attention to them. Like I said. Complete idiot.

So. That’s what I’m going to do.

For my 100 lbs (holy shit) weight loss reward… I’m gonna pierce my nose.

Since I wrote it, I have to do it. Right?

Monday Sep 24 @ 04:50am
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    I want a tatoo
  2. ceebeedoeslife said: Nose piercing is a total win. Yes, I’m sure you will, but do make sure you get it done somewhere clean =)
  3. take-2 said: That’s amazing, it’ll look great on you! :)
  4. creamfizz said: congrats!
  5. kategoesrunning said: Awesome! Or you could come visit me??? :)
  6. coffeeconverseandlife said: I got my nose pierced two years ago and love it! I would just offer a word of advice, don’t settle for less than surgical steel. I’ve never been allergic to any metals but lo and behold my nose is and I found the hard an excruciatingly painful way.
  7. fitterfattie reblogged this from smaller-n-smaller and added:
    Absolutely! Do you know how amazing and awesome it is that you have lost 100 pounds? You’ve done something incredibly...
  8. l-8-10 said: Awesome! And, yes, now you do have to do it. NOW WHAT AM I GOING TO DO TO CELEBRATE YOUR WEIGHT LOSS?!
  9. regainingmymoxy said: It’ll look cute!!
  10. me-and-my-collar-bones said: yeah you have to! :) i’m sure it’ll look great
  11. amira-delal said: Do it! Have some fun, it’ll look amazing :)
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