I made this video of Leighton, hoping I could help her with her stress as of late, thus the “Hi Leighton” at the beginning and mention of Luke & Rusty.

But after I made it for her, I realized that it would probably help others too….so

Anyway, yes, I’m a little rambly and hope you don’t all unfollow me after realizing how insane I am hahahahah

<3 Sarah

Friday Feb 11 @ 06:49am
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tagged as: vlog. balance. centering yourself. yoga breathing.

  1. gettinghealthyinkentucky said: Great video! :)
  2. squirrelsandswings said: Fantastic message. Thanks for sharing this with everyone. I so already feel calmer now & I haven’t even done the breathing yet! OK, so for seriously, you had me cracking up so hard at the darth vader breathing, but of course without the evil, lol.
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    Sarah made this for me (can you say sweetest chick ever?) but soon realized that it could be helpful to a lot of you. I...
  4. blankmoments said: I think this has just secured your status as cutest thing in the world!! But it was also really great, im going to try the breathing technique!!
  5. countdowntooz said: Great advice!
  6. msmajik said: You are too cute and have the sweetest voice! And I was totally breathing in with you! It felt so good to breath like that!!
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