Something Awesome Happened This Morning….

When I started this weight loss journey (can it be an epic journey? I think I’ll refer to it that way from now on….) I weighed….well, I’m not sure, my highest recorded weight was 276 lbs. My BMI was well into the morbidly obese category (above 35).

But I know there were times were I stepped on the wii saw the weight went up and turned it off.

This morning I weighed in for WIW and the scale said 173.7 lbs. Well, I was thrilled of course cause that’s a 1.7 lbs loss.

Then I entered my weight into the app I use to track it and this came up:



Holy crap.

Normal?! I started jumping up and down. Never in my adult life have a had a normal BMI, the last time I did, I was 18 and anorexic.

I would much rather look like me now then me then. I’m strong now, not skinny fat. AND the stretch marks & extra skin are badges of honor from my epic journey.

There’s less than 10 lbs separating the picture on the left from the one on the right.

But I couldn’t lift a 5 gallon bottle of water back then. Heck, I was too exhausted from only eating about 900 calories a day to even move, let alone make all my own food, study and work out. I would much rather be the girl on the right. I’m proud of the girl on the right. She’s worked hard and is legitimately happy. Not fake happy like left-Sarah.

A normal BMI…..who. would. have. thought?

Wednesday Oct 24 @ 05:12am
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