I Pledge

To love myself completely. Yup, there will be days I feel puffy fat, or my face will be spotty, but I will still love myself.

To nourish and not starve my body. After doing this 2 weeks of maintenance eating I realized how much food my body really needs. (i.e. listen to Alex/myfitnesspal.)

To not obsess about calories. Yes, this is hard. But if I go a little over my calories, no big deal, if I want to eat some chocolate (yay portion control) I will. This is my life, I don’t want to live in a self-inflicted bubble.

To push myself. There will be days I don’t want to work out, or cook dinner, or calculate my calories. But those are the times I should do it more than ever.

To rest. While I’ll push myself, I won’t overdo it and burn myself out.

To listen to my body. Am I really hungry? Am I thirsty? Am I pushing too hard? Can I push harder?

To realize this is my life. I will not live by the standards of others. I will not let other dictate what I should and should not say, do, or eat; unless it’s my choice.

To not set a deadline. It took me 3+ years to put on this weight, I will not dictate how long it takes to come off, nor will I be upset about the rate at which I lose the weight. It’s coming off, that’s amazing.

To love my (tumblr) neighbor. The world is so full of hate, we don’t need more. I will never send a mean anon message; I will never call anyone ugly; I will ignore the green-eyed monster and cheer on my fellow fitblrs—never cutting someone down for their accomplishments.

To celebrate my accomplishments. I’ve lost almost 50 lbs! I’ve lost 43+ inches. Like my guns accomplishment! Yeah, I will not lose sight of that.

To live, to the best of my ability, a happy, healthy life. This one, I think, is self explanatory.


Anyone else want to sign this with me?

Monday Feb 21 @ 08:00am
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  1. saifrehmanphotography answered: It is an awesome work plan and you are getting there … keep up the good work
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    I’m in!
  6. waiteloss answered: signed :D
  7. mangochickens answered: you are a rockstar.
  8. fitterbetterfaster answered: i’m in!
  9. runsforbrunch answered: I pledge to do it too!! Love yourself, love your neighbor - and kick ass while you do it!
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